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EMI-420b Ionizing Straight Iron, Black


Portable Mini Iron in black. Compact design with locking feature, detachable cord, automatic voltage switching, rounded barrel, premium floating plates, heating up to 420°F/215°C, Korean-made.

Price & Purchase

MSRP: $4000

Purchase from KenchiiBeauty.com

Limited 1-year warranty. Made in Korea.


Detachable Cord
For easy storage.

Free Voltage
110v to 240v for international travel. No voltage adapter needed.

EMI-420 mini iron showing detachable cord.

EMI-420 mini iron showing compact design.


Rounded barrel design for straightening, curls and flips on the go.


Floating Plates
Premium floating plates slide through hair with ease.

Premium heating system reaches up to 420°F/215°C.

EMI-420 mini iron showing rounded barrel design.

EMI-420 mini iron showing rounded barrel design.


Compact Design

Locking Feature